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Commercial Solar Hot Water

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Business Class Solar Hot Water

Hotel Owners, You know how people can be if the showers are cold. They expect the water to be hot, and to last a good long time. But you also know that your cost to provide that hot water is growing. The fuel prices are on the rise again. Read more

NEW! Woodmaster now offers the Force 20 pellet furnace

The Force 20 is a stand alone pellet gun and heat exchanger that can be an add-on to a hot air heating system or a new stand alone. The Force 20 pellet gun/burner has been.... Read more

Composting Toilets

Why in the world would you want one of these in your house? Well it turns out there are countless reasons for installing a composting toilet. Imagine you own a house with an aging septic system. Read more

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Saving Energy Starts at the Seacoast Energy Alternatives

At Seacoast Energy Alternatives, Inc. we believe that whatever your motive, energy conservation is a good thing for your home, your community, and the planet.

Seacoast Energy Alternatives was started in the summer of 2007 to bring energy options to a public that had few places to turn. The first retail store in the Seacoast to offer solar energy alternatives and a host of other options for saving money, we've become the place where all these things can be explored in depth. We broadened our offerings with wood stoves, whole house wood and pellet boilers, pellet grills and countless other items. Read more